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  • Animator

  • Colorist for comics and Animation

  • Storyboard Artist

  • Illustrator for personalized pieces

  • I accept emails, paypal, and cashapp


  • I will start after I’ve received half of the payment

    • The only exception is for sketches. I need to be paid up front for those.



    • I plan on maintaining contact with all of my clients throughout the commissioning process. If you feel there is something wrong with how your piece turned out then please tell me while I’m making your art so that I can fix it directly

    • If you chargeback or attempt to scam me in any way you will be banned from anything I do in the future to match the block you just got.


  • My prices are fair and non-negotiable. If you have a problem with them feel free to refrain from commissioning me.


  • I will not do

    • Mecha

    • Gore

    • Full on pornographic imagery. Slight nsfw like boobs is fine (no below the belt nsfw)

    • Fetish


  • I will do

    • 1 Character* (Human/Humanoid/Anthro/Animal)

    • Simple Background

    • Chibi or what is posted in the commissions sheet


  • If you have a custom idea for your commission (logo/banner/thumbnail/album cover, etc.) then state that in the email. I need a basic idea of what to go for so sketch it out as well as describe it. (It can be a sketchy mess in MS Paint as long as it’s legible)



  • You don't get to rush me on a piece unless it's been 3 weeks since the last update.


  • After I give you the art it's yours to do as you wish, under the condition that you credit me for the art wherever you upload it. I also reserve the right to upload it to my portfolio and use it to further my own career as an artist


  • I reserve the right to decline any request I deem unfit by my standards with no explanation.


  • I reserve the right to use your art in any way I see fit. (I.e. artist thread tweets, updated commission prices sheets, reference examples, etc.)


  • I reserve the right to stop the commission process at any time for any reason. If I have started a commission, meaning you paid me half of the full price up-front, and I cancel it, the amount you paid is nonrefundable. The only situation in which i will refund a customer is if I have not contacted the customer in 21 days with updates on their commission and they request a refund.


  • I will not do “updated commissions” (commissions from a long time ago that are redone for free)


  • As of December 2, 2021, I only accept digital art commissions, I will eventually start selling traditional art commissions but I currently do not have the space or resources available to create and ship physical art. I will amend this once my situation changes.


*Extra characters cost more depending on the type of commission you request. Please ask me for more details via email if you wish to inquire further.

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