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UPDATE | Sept 3, 2022

"Repost from my DeviantART Journal:

when i chose to forego @purplejasen for this name i sort of settled. i forgot that i could just not change my name and save it for when i have a name i really want. but its fine, bc i dont treat deviantart like my other socials anyway. deviantart is less professional, more fun for me.

Right now I like how MADEBYJSN feels so I have been going with that, opting for JSN if at all possible. The thing is when I think about these sort of brand changes it gets so hard to ignore the call to update all my socials and my website instead of just make art. I get so excited when I think "man that layout looks so cool" when I could be saying, "man i really outdid myself on this piece I did." or "man, that page kicked my ass but it was worth it." It's a problem that I attribute to lack of self discipline and procrastination that makes me feel productive. That is a weird phrase, but basically, I'm tricking myself into not drawing by focusing on something thats "productive". In this case making my website was totally uncalled for because I didn't even have that much art I wanted to really change as far as important stuff goes. It was mostly just changing the layout and theme of the website. no art update, I still haven't made a commission prices sheet for 2022 (That's priority #1 rn), I just keep making these dumb changes that dont mean anything. I worked on that website for like 2, 3 hours, and I'm not anywhere closer to being a better artist for it. My priorities are fucked rn.

I think that the best solution is to just stop thinking about my handles and stuff. I have always sort of had this obsession with appearing like an OG when i am on a platform or in a videogame, hence why I tend to go for shorter names if possible, but its all a front because its not like I can trick people into thinking I joined earlier than I did, but in trying to do so, I come off as a poser or a tryhard. And usually in any case, all i do is waste time on these platforms anyway. If I stopped thinking about it, I'd be able to focus on the parts of my brand that really matter.

Its time to stop treating art like a hobby. I'm actually gonna try now."

That's really it. I finished the update, but because I dont have any new art to show for it, and because I used designing it as an excuse to not draw, I'm not gonna publish it yet.

Once I can write off website fees and stuff on my taxes im gonna be euphoric lol.


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