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Update | August 22, 2022

It's been a while since I updated here. I have mostly been letting this website fall to the wayside I think, which is very bad considering how much money it costs to maintain this thing. However that doesn't matter, because as you can see, I am here now.

These past few months I've been working. I got a full time job at a place near my home, got a bike, and I recently started going back to the library again.

As far as my art is concerned, It's been very difficult to get customers and doubly so when you don't post anywhere or have anyone look at your work. However I must say, Lately I haven't been having any fun doing digital art. I tried to figure it out and I think that it boils down to a couple of reasons.

Reason 1, Inaccessibility. The room I work in is kind of small, and my desk only has space to hold my pc and one of my monitors, so in order to use my tablet I have to unplug my main monitor, plug my drawing tablet into my pc, and then start the drivers and hope my pen isn't dead. If it is it makes starting even harder because I have to wait a while to get started. Every time I think of this it makes me not want to break it out.

Reason 2, My digital art hasn't been feeling like me lately. Maybe it's the style that I did my last commission in, or maybe its just the feelings I have towards my art in general, but I cant help but see one of my finished drawings and think, that doesn't really look like how I want it to. You could say its some form of perfectionism, but those speed test drawings of Jamie and Janice I did last year felt like me, and I was really proud of them despite their roughness. And when I draw on paper it feels like a lot of pressure is lifted off of me. And it makes it easier to work

Reason 3, Drawing on paper is just more fun for me right now. I got a lil adjustable easel to put my sketchbook on for when i go outside to draw. I cant stand drawing in my house because it's rife with distraction until I enter the zone. So when I want a quiet place to draw I go to the library and I take this easel and sketchbook with me. And I have had so much more fun and drawing has felt so much more fulfilling.

The biggest reason that I haven't been posting lately however, is that I think I still don't really like my art. It's kind of taboo too admit that as an artist, because if you don't have confidence in your art people won't buy it, but in my opinion I'd feel bad in the first place selling my art when I think it is bad. But not to worry, I have been noticing my shortcomings lately and I have been studying nonstop to improve and as it is the end of August I'm hoping I can grind out art in September and update my commissions prices by my birthday (October 28) if not a little earlier.

What I want to improve the most one are as follows:

Color and Light/Value - When I draw digitally I just slap colors on the screen and use blending modes to do light and shadow, I have never properly practiced color theory and thoughtful use of placing Value. Now that I think of it, that's always been one of my biggest shortcomings. So I want to make an effort to do more with that, and part of that includes doing more painting type illustrations and studying people like ergojosh, ross tran, wlop and guweiz (actual masters of digital paint holy fu-) as well as practicing placing values down before I even start doing color so that my colors dont look so weird.

Line Control - My line control is actually quite bad. I have naturally shaky hands and it makes it quite difficult to draw long straight lines. I often end up having to redraw the same line over and over again. it often makes the sketch too dark though when I draw on paper. I want to practice properly holding a pencil as well as making sure that I don't press so hard when I'm drawing.

Drawing more dynamic poses/Foreshortening - This is a topic that I've always hated. I hate drawing in perspective so much that I basically force myself to try it when I get it just so I can get better. It doesn't really help that my perspective is bad in the first place. But alongside this, my proportions with anatomy are kind of off usually as well. So for this I want to practice more figure drawings. Once I can comfortably draw a figure posing how I want them too, I can start experimenting with the perspective of the body, as well as placing them in the environments with a corresponding perspective that doesn't throw off the believability of the art.

And finally, I want to draw cars, bikes, trucks, houses and environments - I've always been a "see a forest, not the trees" type of guy when it come to looking at objects I draw. I see them but I don't observe them well. so a lot of details get lost and it will often throw off the proportions of whatever I draw. It really doesn't help when drawing things I'm not used to as well. Cars and motorcycles especially have been a pain in my ass since I was 8 years old. I'm tired of it. So I'm going to draw more cars and motorcycles. It's really not much more complicated than that honestly, the only reason I'm still bad at them is because I'm so afraid of drawing them that I just don't. So I'm gonna draw more vehicles and such.


As for this website, I dropped this giant ass update and just left it to fend for itself, but that's mostly because of the reasons mentioned previously, but also I wasn't really happy with the update, It doesn't feel right. I'm gonna try out building a mock website so I can really see what I want it to look like. I'm sorry for my indecisiveness, but please bear with me. I want my personal corner of the internet to be where people can see who I am the most. and this doesn't feel like me, it feels like I'm trying to copy someone else. So that's the solution there. I am also going to completely change up how my art is displayed on here. Right now I have a "portfolio" and a sketchbook, but a lot of the art in my portfolio isn't actually art I'd be willing to show a potential employer. What kind of portfolio is that? So I'm going to really go over what content is displayed on here and move all of the art I'm not satisfied with to my sketchbook page, and I'm going to reorganize and update my portfolio as I create art that I think is worth being in my portfolio. No more showing potential employers and customers mediocre art, If I want to make this a living, I need to show people what I'm really made of. I don't currently have a date in mind for the update. I'll have to mess around with my mock website and such to determine all of that.

One more thing about the website before I go, I have noticed this for a while but has the www. in front of it in the address bar, I don't like that. I'm thinking of getting a different URL eventually. This isn't set in stone yet because I'd need to figure out my email address and other things that I put into this URL before I decide to abandon it.

I'm thinking instead of jasens vision (JSNVSN) i make it ART of JSN or something like that. idk. I'm just sort of throwing ideas out at 11:30 pm.

Anyways I've gotta wrap this up. I work early tomorrow, so I've gotta get to sleep soon. I'm gonna be very busy for the rest of the year, and all through next year, but I don't want to work a normal job anymore. I'm tired of waking up at 6:30 am to make someone else money. With these two hands, my eyes, and my brain I can shape the world as I see fit, and I have always been able to. I need to nurture this power in order to live the life I am destined for. No more games, no more distractions, no settling for less. I am Jasen Sherrod Motherfucking Roby Jr. and I'm not just some ordinary artist. I'm gonna be the Manga King.

And with that, I'll see you when I see you.


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