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update | 9-29-2022

I still dont have a solid format for these things yet. I gotta decide on one soon.

This just came to me as I typed this, but what if I started making short comics to illustrate updates? that'd be kinda fun right?


It is September 29th, and that means that there is less than a month until the new update for the website as well as the updated commission prices.

Here's what I have to do still:

- Buy the new domain

- Set my commission prices

- Make a new commission sheet

- and make some examples explaining what I am able to do as an artist.

What I want to do in the future - Make a webcomic and post it to deviantart, comicfury, and my website

- Make a small clothing brand

- Learn how to market my art professionally.

What I am currently learning:

- How to draw in general

- I bought a course on Art Fundamentals from Marc Brunet, senior art director at Blizzard from 2009-2016

- I am also going to do Drawabox as well.

- Patience and Impulse control

- I cannot focus for long periods of time and it makes sitting down to practice, learn, or devote time to important topics difficult. I am doing all I can to improve this however so that I can be more efficient in the future.

I don't have much of an update as far as the website goes, the update is done.

I would draw today but I need to be at work in less than an hour.

On the bright side, I have the next 5 days off so my itinerary will go as follows:

Friday: Library 10a-6p

  • Reading material: The Complete Guide to Self Publishing Comics - Comfort Love and Adam Withers

  • Objective: Draw a comic page that flows smoothly and conveys an actual intention.

Saturday: Library 9a-5p

  • Reading Material: Artists Master Series: Color and Light - Charlie Pickard, Djamila Knopf, Guweiz, and Nathan Fowkes

  • Objective: Make another Comic that uses color theory to convey emotion

Sunday: Stay Home: Art Class Term 1 Video and Assignment - Intro to Photoshop

  • Study Material: Term 1 Video - Intro to Photoshop

  • Objective - Finish the Project Assigned by the Videos and submit them to the Cubebrush forums for critique

  • Secondary Objective - Try to use Photoshop to create a drawing

Monday: Art Class Term 1 Video and Assignment - Intro to Perspective; Library from whenever I finish to 8pm

  • Study Material: Term 1 Video - Intro to Perspective

  • Reading Material: If I'm done with The Complete Guide to Self Publishing Comics, then Artists Master Series: Color and Light.

  • Objective - Finish Assignment for Intro to Perspective

Tuesday: Rest Day

  • Lots of Super Mario and Relaxation.

  • Can't let myself burn out.

Okay I gotta get ready for work, this isn't the usual format for updates but it's not like I had much to say. Ill have all of my objectives complete by the deadline so be sure to check back on October 28th, I'll be livestreaming the website reveal on my twitch at 12pm CST, I'll do a couple of stream requests, and then play Modern Warfare II with some of my friends for the rest of the stream at around 2pm.

Thank you for reading, goodbye! :D


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