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Update | 9/12

Currently in the house I live in, my water heater's pilot is out. My house is pretty old and the basement is flooded, so for right now lighting the pilot wont work anyways. I'm not gonna lie, without hot water I found it hard to take a shower today. So as I stepped in the cold shower I was very apprehensive because although I've taken cold showers in the past, It's been over a year since I've had a really cold shower and showered all the way through and any attempts since then have been met with a rewarding hot water spray at the end.

I did not have the luxury of such a reward at this time, nevertheless I needed to shower. So I hopped in. It was very cold. Shocking, I know. I tilted the shower head towards the floor as low as it would go, and stood at the back. I wet my hands and head, and the bar of soap I was using, and tried to clean myself that way, but I knew that doing this would just waste time and it wouldn't properly clean me, so I said to myself, "Jasen, you're being a coward. You have dreams that go way beyond being ordinary, You're trying to aim for a very unstable lifestyle, and achieve things that lots only just dream of. But you're too scared to take a cold shower once in a while?" That snapped me out of it, and as the Gurren Lagann theme song was playing on my phone in the background, I jumped into the cold water headfirst. It was the first time I've had a cold shower with no hot water in over a year, and it was awful, but I did it.

I find that a lot of the things I need to do to be a professional artist, drawing included, are often these really simple tasks that are just a bit out of my comfort zone. Imagine, if you will, a giant staircase. A HUGE staircase that goes higher than you can imagine, and lower than you'd like to think. Now imagine each individual stair is just a bit too tall for you to climb up. Maybe you need a running start, maybe you just need to concentrate on jumping higher, but whatever it is, where you are now isn't going to get you there. Taking that cold shower today, for me, was like climbing another step towards my path of becoming a more self reliant person, and becoming someone who is willing to do the hard things to improve a bit more.

Full Disclosure: I did not do much drawing today, I stared at the white on my tablet and froze. I watched a video on How to draw the head using the Loomis Method. But then I decided to make a schedule to organize and balance my studies, drawing, and full time job. I have schedules for each day, and I have a schedule prepared for when I work at 7 in the morning, and then I work at 2 in the afternoon. I want to start uploading more art here, not just portfolio pieces. When I upload my next drawing here, that's when the new update will roll out. But back to the topic, with a schedule to stick to, as well as a study plan, I have the proper organization needed to be able to efficiently improve my art. As well, I have decided the basic plot and story of my comic, which only has the working title "Kids on Wheels". I decided that I want to be living on my own in 2023, so I'm going to work extra hard to improve my art to a level where I can at least freelance effectively. I also am once again reminding people that I haven't raised my commission prices yet, but that they will be getting a price increase Sometime before my 23rd birthday, which is October 28th. anyone unfamiliar with my current prices, I'll post the chart below. it's 3 years old, so I think a bump is due soon.

One other thing I think I'm gonna do is change the URL again. its probably not the best idea considering all the re-ups and redos the website has gone through since 2019, when I first published it, but I don't really think Jasen's Vision is what I want to be known as. I really like Made by JSN. so much so that I've already update my handles on my social medias to it. All except DeviantArt, which won't let me change my name again for another 6 months. But that's not relevant. I'm going to retire my current business email when I update my commission prices, which will also be when the update for the website rolls out. Everything will be synced. To celebrate my 23rd birthday I'm gonna do an All day stream on my twitch. I'll plan everything out and then make another post detailing things, but I do have quite a bit of stuff planned for my birthday as you can probably tell.

Nevertheless, I'm still open to taking commissions. As previously mentioned they'll be posted at the bottom of this blog post. You can find my Terms of Service on my Services Page, which is also where I'll keep my updated commissions prices sheet once that is finished.

That is all I wanted to say. This post is getting long, so I'll wrap it up here. Thanks for reading!


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