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MAY 21, 2021 UPDATE | Website Update: Announcements Blog, Commissions Page, Subpages

Thank you for looking at this announcement. There's nothing special about this announcement, just a few updates I made to the website. I added a blog to the website so It would be easier to post updates on my art, my website, and myself. Wix has a lot of tools for building a website and I think I'm still just barely dipping my foot into the capabilities of this website builder. Either way, with this "Blog" I can post whatever I want, whenever I want. You can also comment questions and concerns as well.

I also added a commissions page. This is so that it is easier to view my prices when requesting something specific. I will also attach a copy of the terms of service to the page once I finish writing this blog post. If you want to request a commission, you can get an idea of the price by going there.

And finally, Subpages; I added the commissions page and my sketchbook page to be subpages of the Art Gallery Page, you can still view my professional gallery by clicking on the Art Gallery tab, but you can access the other tabs by hovering over the art gallery tab and clicking the page you want to visit. Along with this, there is now a "more" tab on desktop. That holds the "About Me" and "Contact Me" pages to save space on the navigation bar.

That is all for the update, thanks for reading :D

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